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Why choose a neurosurgeon?

Neurosurgeons are trained as both brain and spine surgeons. They are the only physicians who surgically treat the brain and the entire spine; including the spinal cord and nerves.

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What is included in Neurosurgical Associates fee for surgery? What is a global period?
  Surgical fees include the actual surgery and any office visits (with our providers) related to uncomplicated follow-up care for the surgery within the global period.  The surgical global period does not include post-operative complications (that require a return trip to the operating room) or services not performed by our providers (i.e., x-rays, labs, physical therapy, CT's, MRI's)

A global period is a time limit of either 10 or 90 days that is assigned to a surgical procedure by your insurance company.  Most major surgeries have a global period of 90 days.

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