Appointment Information

As surgeons, we wish to offer the best treatment possible to fit each individual’s diagnosis.

Neurosurgical Associates asks that you have the proper work-up by your primary physician or other treating physician before seeking a surgical consultation with us. This should include a MRI, CT myelogram, EMG or any other testing that would show a surgical diagnosis. Our surgeons may request to review your information to ensure you are a surgical candidate and to make sure you get the treatment best suited for you.

If we feel you are a surgical candidate, we will schedule a consultation with one of our surgeons as soon as possible.  If our surgeons feel you would not be a surgical candidate, we will refer you back to your primary physician for further or additional treatment.

During your initial consultation, our physicians will review records, diagnostic imaging and go over the symptoms you are experiencing. You will then be presented with a recommendation for treatment options and be informed of the risks and benefits of each option. The surgeon will assist you in determining the best solution for you.

What do you need for your initial appointment?

To ensure our patients get the proper treatment, we will review your medical records, diagnostic imaging or other tests that you have had within the last six months. If any testing is older than six months, we will request that a new test be completed.  It is vital that we see current testing showing your surgical condition.

We do have some capability to connect electronically with some physician group and/or diagnostic centers to obtain your information.  Please note, that this is limited and we do not have this connection with all providers.  Please work with our scheduling staff to ensure that we are able to obtain your information.  If we are not able to gather your information electronically, it is your responsibility to bring your information with you at the time of your appointment.  If we do not have your information at that time, we will reschedule your appointment.  Please do not mail your information.

We ask that you bring in a photo ID and your insurance card to the appointment.  If the condition is related to a motor vehicle accident, worker’s comp injury or personal liability accident, please give us your claim number, claim’s billing address, date of injury and your claim handler’s name and phone number prior to your appointment. For all these accident related claims, we get authorization for the visit prior to making an appointment.

If you are unable to come to a schedule appointment, please notify us at least 24 hours in advance.  If you will be late for your appointment, please call us.  We may need to reschedule your appointment.

Referring Physicians:

For your convenience, please complete and download the attached consultation form and fax it to us at 612-863-8531.  Please include the most recent diagnostic report and demographic information on the patient.

Consultation Request Form