How do I refill my medication?

If you should need a refill of your medication we prescribed, we request that you contact your pharmacy directly.  The pharmacy will contact our office to request authorization to refill your medication.

We are prohibited by MN Law to phone in certain medication refills (specifically narcotics). Those prescriptions that we cannot phone in will either be given to you in clinic, mailed to your pharmacy or you may pick up the written prescription in our office.  We will not mail any prescriptions to your home.

Please plan accordingly if you choose to have your prescription mailed to your pharmacy.  We require at least two business days’ notice to refill any prescription.  If someone else besides yourself picks up your prescriptions, we must be informed who will be coming in advance.  In addition, we will request to see a photo I.D. and copy their I.D. before they are allowed to leave with your prescription.  We do not refill or prescribe any medications after hours or on the weekends.